Materials & Corrosion

Pragmatic Solutions Tailored To Your Needs

Over 40 Years of Materials and Metallurgy

Materials Selecton

Front End Engineering Studies. (FEED) 

Materials Substitution and Upgrades.

Simply moving to a more corrosion resistant alloy may not be the right solution, so we will consider all options.

Corrosion Studies

Why are we having frequent failures? What impact will a process change have? 
How far can we extend the life of this asset?
Do we really need to spend money on expensive chemical treatments?

Questions that are regularly asked and which will help you find the answer to.


Technical Authority and Technical Support

This service is tailored for organisations  which only need occasional authoritative  Materials and Corrosion support.  

Threat Analysis & Corrosion Risk Assessment

If you don’t know what your Integrity Threats are you may be looking in the wrong place with the wrong technique.

A thorough Threat Analysis is the heart of a Corrosion Risk Assessment and this requires more than a good knowledge of corrosion mechanisms. A clear understanding of the process chemistry, how equipment functions and the types and limitations of inspection techniques is also vital.

Eden Asset Integrity Ltd  provide the required integrated multi disciplinary approach.

Failure Investigation

Understanding the root cause of a failure is the key to preventing a repeat. 

We do not have our own laboratory or testing facilities but we can manage a complex investigation for you, ensuring that the right questions are asked and all relevant aspects of the failure are investigated.