Integrity Engineering

Pragmatic Solutions Tailored To Your Needs

Integration of Multiple Disciplines

Asset Integrity Management Systems

Maintaining your key documents can be an onerous task, one we can help with. Our cross disciplinary expertise allows us to produce  concise, pragmatic procedures that are tailored to meet your needs. 

We have the ability to update existing Procedures and Strategies or, if necessary, rebuild your AIMS from scratch.

Oh, and we don’t have any software to sell you so we can see what’s best for you, not what’s most profitable for us.


Do you have a strategy to manage CUI, CUPS, Deadleg Corrosion, MIC? Is it still on the to do list or in draft?

If you have one, is it really a generic approach rich on aspiration but poor on asset specific detail?

Have all options been considered? Inspection alone is rarely the right solution, often an alternative approach saves time, money and improves plant up time.

Risk Based Inspection Planning

Does your Corrosion Risk Assessment provide you with detailed Inspection Plans?  That is, do they identify corrosion hot spots and recommend the optimum inspection techniques? If not, we can help you prepare detailed inspection plans for pressure vessels, tanks and heat exchangers. This provides you with range of options and we will explain the risks associated with each.

Threat Analysis & Corrosion Risk Assessment

If you don’t know what your Integrity Threats are you may be looking in the wrong place with the wrong technique.

A thorough Threat Analysis is the heart of a Corrosion Risk Assessment and this requires more than a good knowledge of corrosion mechanisms. A clear understanding of the process chemistry, how equipment functions and the types and limitations of inspection techniques is also vital.

Eden Asset Integrity Ltd  provide the required integrated multi disciplinary approach.

Non Intrusive Inspection Plans

Non Intrusive Inspection is many operators preferred option. However few people appreciate it’s complexity. Get it wrong and you can spend a great deal of money without mitigating your Integrity Risk. Furthermore, unless the Inspection Plan has been properly Engineered it may be difficult to justify your decision to use NII to the HSE and other third parties.

Our NII plans start with a thorough threat analysis, that identifies the likely form and location of damage. This information is often absent from standard Corrosion Risk Assessments. Once the form and location damage are known a plan can be Engineered which selects the correct techniques and coverage to give you maximum confidence in the outcome. 

Prior to developing the Plan we will screen the equipment to determine if NII is appropriate. If not we will advise you and also explain the risk of continuing with NII should you wish to do so.

Technical Support

Sometimes all you need is a little help, a second opinion or confirmation that you are doing the right thing. 

Many small operators cannot justify the cost of a full time Technical Authority for this area. We can provide ad hoc support and advice from a Chartered Engineer who is a recognised Subject Matter Expert in this field.